About us

The Conservative Friends of Afghanistan (CFA) is an influential British lobby group, based in London and supported by a wide range of Conservative MP’s. CFA’s mission is to provide independent analysis and engage in campaigning, advocacy, policy-work and lobbying to improve understanding of Afghanistan’s complex context and propose new mechanisms and solutions through influencing decision-makers within the Conservative Party, UK Parliament and Government, British and US think tanks, media and the private sector. 

The Conservatives Friends of Afghanistan is the only lobby group that represents Afghanistan in the UK Parliament. It was founded to create a platform to address misconceptions and inaccurate perspectives on Afghanistan and highlight the real challenges facing the country. CFA aims to provide fair representation for the needs of all Afghan people and develop innovative narratives to create a positive and more democratic future for the country through political and economic reform.

UK’s Foreign Policy on Afghanistan is a core tenet of CFA’s priorities. The organisation is active at every level of the Conservative party and is widely known as the leading political group, led by the Afghan diaspora in the UK working to inspire change and progress in Afghanistan.